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Our Lighters Are Electric!

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Electric lighters are rechargeable, windproof and safe to use

We have lighters that complement your fashion sense

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Electric Lighters

Welcome to the new world, electricity saves trees. Why burn it with fire when you can do it with electricity?

JET FLAME Lighters

Never Let The Wind Blow Your Flame Out Again.

FLINT Lighters

Old Classics Reinvented. Out With the Old, In With The New and Improved.

“I picked up a small jet lighter a few months ago and it’s been serving me well ever since. It’s got a cap and a user friendly flame lock, so there’s peace of mind whenever it’s in my pocket. ”

Sam Casse

“There are so many designs. I was looking for a gift for my brother & ended up getting him a windproof fidget spinner lighter, he was so stoked with it. Especially the LEDs that you can turn on while it’s spinning. ”

Conner Poole

“I got an arc lighter and never having to remember to pick up butane is so nice. One 30 minute charge via micro-usb lasts me a full week and it blows minds whenever I pull it out.”

Marie Gordon

“There are about a million different Zippo styled designs to choose from. There’s literally something for everyone, ideal for gift giving.”

Suyash Pawar

“These are definitely a lot harder to lose than a bic. Not having to buy (or discover) a new one every week is a huge bonus.”

Bukish William